Green Panties

I was a nudist yesterday, but today I’m going to wear a pair of panties that I bought at Walgreens. They are a size 8, green, and part of a multi-pack of 3 Hanes colored panties. I just loved buying these at Walgreens. It was a rush, buying panties in public instead of on Ebay. It felt oh, so good! It was the second time in my life that I did that. The first time was an indescribable feeling that I don’t think I could ever put into words. I went over to the women’s section, stood there looking at the panties trying to guess my size. Then I picked up a 3-pack of Hanes white size 7, but instead of going straight to the register,I decided to be even bolder and walk around the store with them. While picking up other things that I needed, I didn’t try to hide them, I kept them on top of other things that I needed. Oh, wow it felt good. But anyway, back to green panties. I like the way they feel on me, so soft and the waistband is just out of this world! The waistband is not constricting and confining like my boy underwear, what a feeling to have a nice soft cotton waistband after tight elastic all those years. I enjoy it so much that I just have to say something about it, that’s why I’m writing this blog.

I really missed out on the Victoria’s secret semi-annual sale, it ended Sunday according to the email I got from Victoria’s Secret.(I’m on their mailing list) I was upset, but I’m over it now. I’m just thinking about the email, it said “panties for 1.99 at stores only.” That would’ve been nice, but oh well. On to other things, I should be going to my attorney’s office either later today or tomorrow for a check. Then I’m certainly going to go shopping, new pants, nice shirts that I can wear with a tie and/or suit, and certainly going to go into Victoria’s Secret for the first time, it should be a blast. I’d just love to go there and shop for panties, for myself. Or, maybe I’m thinking, I could get a job there. I’d love that, bringing out my feminine side. I don’t know, but I think it would be nice being around panties, bras & fragrant things for a job. I wonder what my family would think, or the buddies at my lodge…screw’em, I do what I want. I could get a great gifts for my sisters & nieces, I’m sure that they would love that.


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