Victoria’s Secret PINK Shorts & VS Cotton panties

I think I’ve said this alot, but I’m jealous of girls. I just love wearing panties, and haven’t worn “boy underwear” in months. I wish I would have done this a long time ago, but there’s nothing like making up for what I missed out on. 🙂 I have three pairs of VS PINK shorts, and just wish I could wear them somewhere instead of just around the house. One is a pair of sport shorts (dark pink), and the other two are sleep shorts(green and bright pink). They feel real good to wear, a wide waistband that sits snug on the hips, and short leg length of only 1½ inches that barely touches the leg. It was really something putting on these shorts, guy’s shorts are restrictive at the waist by either a belt or a drawstring, and are usually longer leg length that rubs the leg.

I’ve gotten off topic by talking about shorts, this blog is supposed to be about wearing panties. I’ve got two coupons for a free pair of VS Cotton panties. After looking at the Victoria’s Secret website, I have a better idea of the VS Cotton line. Some of them look real good, and I can’t make up my mind, bikini, rio, thong…decisions, decisions. One thing that I know I want is the color magenta leopard (pink leopard). I tried ordering two different styles, but they were backordered until mid-September. Maybe I’ll have better luck in the store.

While writing this I’m wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK double-string bikini panties, medium to dark pink in color, with TRUEPINKLOVE on the waistband and legbands. Love these! They’re real comfy & way better looking than the Hanes panties I bought at Walgreens, but the Hanes are the most comfy. Tradeoffs, I guess. 🙂

I checked my panty coupons that I won on Ebay, and I only have until Monday to redeem my two free pairs of VS Cotton panties. So I’ll be shopping in the VS Cotton section of Victoria’s Secret today, after lunch. It’s pretty late, so I’m hitting the shower, then the sack. Bye.


5 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret PINK Shorts & VS Cotton panties”

  1. k Says:

    pics, please, pics !

  2. wearingpanties Says:

    Is that any way to ask? You can do better than that, can’t you? 🙂 And just “k” for a name?

  3. robert Says:

    I too enjoy wearing womens panties over mens. They feel and fit so much better! Why don’t the manufacturers offer some nice soft cotton briefs for men instead of those rough, hard, baggy burlap sacks they sell ?

  4. jim fromm pa Says:

    I have been wearing panties for years. I only wear panties now – all the time. I shop at VS for myself and am friends with 1 of the sales girls who knows that I buy them for me. Last time I went to VS she showed me the new line of panties and then asked if i wanted to try them on. I said sure so she let me try them on in the dressing room. I was back there with 4 other women…while i was trying them on she also brought me some other things – i ended up spending over $100.

  5. Eddie Says:

    I have been wearing nylon and satin panties and pantyhose for 30 years now. I started wearing my mom’s panties when I was young. I wear them 24/7 even under my clothes, and to bed.

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