Boyshorts, wearing bra in public.

Hi everyone! I’ve made some new purchases from work. Panties?–yes, of course! 🙂 I bought a new(for me) style, boyshorts. They are a spandex & nylon blend, with medium/wide white and color stripes with LOVE PINK on the front, they fit and feel great! I bought the red/white, black/white, orange/white, and blue/white boyshorts; and the pink/white, orange/white, and black/white thongs of the same design/material. I was looking for thongs when I came across these, they were quite an eye-catcher. Now I have to get every color. *smirk* I also bought a T-shirt pajama set. The shirt is baby blue with VICTORIA’S SECRET written in zebra-stripes to go with the zebra-striped pants. I’ve always loved zebra stripes, had a lot of the old ZUBAZ pants and it’s great to get these again.

Earlier, I was a little bold…I had to go to the supermarket, so I put on a pink thong, the zebra PJ pants, and an oversized black t-shirt. Then I thought about wearing my bra out for the first time, *naughty grin* so I put on my bra, then back on w/ my shirt, and then to check myself in the mirror to see how noticeable my bra looked.(I had never had a garment on over my bra before) I couldn’t see it at all, so off I was to wear my bra in public for the first time! I must have been some sight…bold print zebra pants, and the possibility of someone seeing a bra strap or band under my shirt! Then heading out, no one stared, gave a dirty look, or said anything. Good. Another new experience: wearing my bra in public.

When I am out shopping I find myself looking for the intimate apparrel section of stores, as well as what I’m there for in the first place, to see what they have in panties, i.e. if they have anything irresistable, too cute, etc. 🙂 I have enough panties to justify getting a second lingerie laundering bag(a mesh or net bag for the washer) so I pondered it for a bit, maybe after payday.

Last night at work, I saw a pair of panties being processed that I just wanted to take out of the gal’s hand that was folding them(you should’ve seen them!), but I had to maintain my composure…yada, yada, yada. They had the wide striping that I like, in the colors of rasberry/pink/white. Another pair I gotta have. he he 🙂

Well, I’m tired(worked all night) and I’m going to sign-off now. I’ll post more soon, bye.

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8 Responses to “Boyshorts, wearing bra in public.”

  1. Rambeau Says:

    I just found your blog today, and have been reading the last few posts. BTW, how long have you been working at VS? (I kinda miss going there with my ex wife, as my g/f never shops at places like that.) You must feel like you’re in heaven working there!

  2. Love your stories Says:

    Love your stories.

  3. shirl Says:

    Hello, I’m a girl and I found your site through google. I just wanted to let you know that AE (American Eagle) has amazing panties too! They’re as good and as cute as the panties from the PINK line at VS. Try AE’s hipsters and boyshorts, you’ll love them.

  4. wearingpanties Says:

    Hi Shirl,
    Thanks for the telling me about American Eagle. I’ll certainly have to check them out. 🙂 I love cute panties!

  5. Patti Says:

    I like the bikini or hipster style, in pink, black or pastel shades. The highcut ones are nice too. Thanks for sharing, Hope you continue to enjoy.


  6. g Says:

    For years I’ve enjoyed wearing women’s underwear. The buzz I get when I go out wearing a sexy pink thong or skimpy little g-string.

  7. bobby Says:

    Hi, I am 62. I love to wear women’s panties and bras every day, it makes me feel good. I enjoy wearing women’s underwear, bras and panties, in public.

  8. fred watson Says:

    I love shopping for panties, bras, slips and pantyhose. I never went to AE. Will check it out.
    Anyone know where you can get panties with cartoon characters on the front?
    I love tinkerbell!
    I wear size 8 panties, bra 38b.


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