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Panty Anniversary & Happy St. Patrick’s day

March 17, 2008

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my wearing panties in public (under my clothes, of course) Yea! Happy Anniversary to me, and Happy St. Patricks day to anyone reading this. 🙂 It just so happened that last year I decided to be bold enough to wear some of my girl underwear “out in the world” instead of just around my place, and since it was St. Patrick’s day I wore a pair that were green. 🙂 Oh, how enjoyable it was, and still is! I just love wearing girl underwear, and haven’t wore any boy underwear but once in the past year. (I still have some if I need ’em.)

I purchased some Hanes black hi-cuts, at a Walgreens that I had never been to before, a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really need them, just wanted to try them out…they’re nice, a higher waist than I’m used to, but that’s fine. I was looking for size 7 bikini in assorted colors, but just like the Walgreens by my house they only have white in a 7.

I did some panty shopping at JC Penney’s last month, mainly looking through the bargain bin, picked out some originally $7.50 for $ .99. Then on the sales slip I got one of those survey things, so I really let the sales girls have it for ignoring me. I’m a paying customer, and sometimes I’d like to be acknowledged instead of ignored. Well anyway, they’re giving me 15% off my next purchase for completing the survey. 🙂 I might buy some sleepwear or a bra.

All for now, going to take a nap before going to work tonight. Bye! 🙂


Boyshorts, wearing bra in public.

December 20, 2007

Hi everyone! I’ve made some new purchases from work. Panties?–yes, of course! 🙂 I bought a new(for me) style, boyshorts. They are a spandex & nylon blend, with medium/wide white and color stripes with LOVE PINK on the front, they fit and feel great! I bought the red/white, black/white, orange/white, and blue/white boyshorts; and the pink/white, orange/white, and black/white thongs of the same design/material. I was looking for thongs when I came across these, they were quite an eye-catcher. Now I have to get every color. *smirk* I also bought a T-shirt pajama set. The shirt is baby blue with VICTORIA’S SECRET written in zebra-stripes to go with the zebra-striped pants. I’ve always loved zebra stripes, had a lot of the old ZUBAZ pants and it’s great to get these again.

Earlier, I was a little bold…I had to go to the supermarket, so I put on a pink thong, the zebra PJ pants, and an oversized black t-shirt. Then I thought about wearing my bra out for the first time, *naughty grin* so I put on my bra, then back on w/ my shirt, and then to check myself in the mirror to see how noticeable my bra looked.(I had never had a garment on over my bra before) I couldn’t see it at all, so off I was to wear my bra in public for the first time! I must have been some sight…bold print zebra pants, and the possibility of someone seeing a bra strap or band under my shirt! Then heading out, no one stared, gave a dirty look, or said anything. Good. Another new experience: wearing my bra in public.

When I am out shopping I find myself looking for the intimate apparrel section of stores, as well as what I’m there for in the first place, to see what they have in panties, i.e. if they have anything irresistable, too cute, etc. 🙂 I have enough panties to justify getting a second lingerie laundering bag(a mesh or net bag for the washer) so I pondered it for a bit, maybe after payday.

Last night at work, I saw a pair of panties being processed that I just wanted to take out of the gal’s hand that was folding them(you should’ve seen them!), but I had to maintain my composure…yada, yada, yada. They had the wide striping that I like, in the colors of rasberry/pink/white. Another pair I gotta have. he he 🙂

Well, I’m tired(worked all night) and I’m going to sign-off now. I’ll post more soon, bye.

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Ebay panty-shopping and my first bra!

December 11, 2007

Hello, it’s been quite a long time. It must’ve been well over a month. 😦 I’ve really missed writing in my blog, so much has happened. I’ve been working the swing shift at work…some afternoons, some evenings, some graveyard shifts, but I like working at Victoria’s Secret. No one knows there that I wear their products pretty much everyday.  I can’t wait to go on a shopping spree at work…lots of things I’ve had my eyes on. 🙂 For a short time we get 40% off, I just love shopping for panties. Especially the PINK line at Victoria’s Secret.

I bought some Hanes thongs on Ebay, last week. A package of two, one white w/ a small pink design on them, and the other a very light solid pink, and they are a great fit! And for 99¢, it’s a great bargain. You gotta love Ebay. I can spend a couple of hours just looking, at all the panties…which I have done before. 🙂

I’ve been thinking alot about going to a store, and not pretend that I’m shopping for someone else…like when one of the salesgirls asks me if I need help, saying something like “Do you have these in my size? I’m a size 7” or “I’ve found my size, thanks.” What would they think about a man wearing women’s underwear? It should be an equal opportunity world, …and I’d really like to be confident enough to go shopping for ‘me,’ instead of a ‘significant other.’

I’ve been looking at bras, especially at work (he he), trying to figure out my size. At work I tried to see if a 36 would go around me. It almost fit, so I was thinking that I must be a 38. So much for the entire PINK line, that’s the largest size they have. I went to Walgreens yesterday and looked at bras again. I was in luck, they had a good variety in size 38, sports bras in grey or white and regular bras in black or white.  I selected for  my first bra, a heather-grey sports bra. It was $5.99 or 2 for $10, and since I wasn’t that sure of my size I elected to only buy that one. So I put it in my shopping basket along with my sodas and went to the check-out. There was a guy at the check-out that gave me a  “look,” but didn’t say anything about my bra, so I didn’t let it bother me. That was a new experience that I totally loved…shopping for, and buying my first bra. I don’t know how girls felt about their first bra, but I couldn’t get home fast enough. So after a shower (I had been working), I gently took the bra off it’s hanger…eager anticipation, putting it on for the first time…I had some difficulty getting it on (hoping I got the right size), but once I got it on it felt just great! I wore it around the house, reveling in the new sensation. Wow, it felt different and so good. I even fell asleep with it on. After wearing the sports bra overnight, I noticed that when I took it off, my nipples were stimulated to excitation. I wonder if that’s normal. Do girls experience this?…I never thought of that happening, but certainly enjoyed it. 🙂 I got off-topic. I know this is a blog about my panty wearing thoughts and experiences, but since some girls like to have matching bras & panties…I thought this would fit into my blog.

I’m working the overnight shift tonight 10:00pm to 6:00am which always affords me a great look at all the underwear since I’m folding what seems like 1,001 pairs. It’s pretty good though, I probably know about every type of panty that we sell.

I’ll say this again, I am so jealous of girls. They have a lot more choices of underwear i.e. colors, styles, designs etc. I am just green with envy…yeah, I’ve got a major case of panty-envy…but I know how to cure it. he he 🙂 Since it’s close to Christmas, and people know that I have sisters, I can shop for and buy anything without arousing suspicion.[spelling]

Back when this blog was new, and I didn’t quite know how to shop, I bought some panties that were too big or too small since I didn’t know my size. Also some styles like extreme low rider thongs, and the wide side lace bikinis really aren’t for me. I almost always have to pull them up, or rearrange. My Frederick’s of Hollywood thong is pretty, but it doesn’t do the job of “holding me.” I’m going to through them out, and replace them with ones that are well-fitting. I’ve gotten used to and like the extreme low rider bikinis (string & regular, I have one pair of each) so I’ll try to get more of those when I shop at work. I love my job. 🙂

Well I’m going to go on Ebay and look at panties, so I’ll sign-off here. I’ll try to post more frequently now that things are stable. 🙂

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I’m back!…and I have a surprise.

October 21, 2007

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last made a blog entry! I have really missed it, whether anyone reads this or not. Where should I start? I regularly shop for panties on Ebay, and I found a new style of Victoria’s Secret panties. They’re From the the PINK collection, bikini style with a wide pink lace waistband instead of fabric. I just love them. The auction was for two pair, one was white with little roses, and the other is a medium pink with the Fleur-de-lis & the “pink dog.” I love the way look, fit, and feel. I think I’ll wear the latter, next. 🙂


Right now I’m wearing a pair of double-string bikini, gray with different colored “explosion-type” stars with bright pink piping. Another pair from Ebay.

Next, and here’s the surprise: I applied for, interviewed, and got a job at Victoria’s Secret! I did orientation Friday afternoon/early evening, and worked a couple of hours. That was sure a new experience–I got a lesson on the different types of bras, beauty products,etc. From the exposure I’ve had, it’s a great company to work for. They’re real professional,  organized, and I get a 20% employee discount. Yippee! 🙂 I’ll certainly take advantage of that. Also, I’ve been mentioning to some women where I’m going to be working, and that opens up another whole conversation. 🙂 Life is good, at least in that area.

Panty deals

September 19, 2007

I bought some Free VS Cotton Panty coupons on Ebay, and was able to get some real good deals. $7.50 panties for a dollar or two, thanks Ebay sellers! I got the black bikini, whisper pink bikini, navy blue thong, and in white I got the thong & string bikini. It’s only one coupon a day there, so I made trips to different stores instead of going to the same store on consecutive days. Luckily, I live in an area that has many Victoria’s Secret stores. 🙂

Here’s a new experience, I took advantage of the 5 for $25 deal for Victoria’s Secret PINK panties, and got a variety of patterns & styles. I love the double-string bikini, so I got 3 of those, 1 classic bikini, and 1 extreme low-rider string bikini which I’m wearing right now as I write this. I love all the patterns and most of the styles on the PINK line, they’re just so nice! I want one of everything! But the V-string, and the extreme low-rider string bikini aren’t the best for a guy to wear. lol 🙂 So anyway, I came home with 6 pairs of panties…WOW, was that a rush! Wearing “girl underwear” has really changed me, I don’t believe that I’ve ever had this much underwear, all at one time. I guess you can tell that I love shopping for panties.

I bought my first department store panties, in the intimate apparrel dept., sheer pink nylon thong with roses detailed below the waistband. They were in the back, 75% off! How’s that for a sale?

By the way, I bought one of those lingerie wash bags at the store. Now that’s the way to go, I just put all my “girl underwear” in that, and throw it in the washer. Oh, you gotta love it!

Shopping, thongs & Psych

August 29, 2007

It’s been awhile since I’ve written…days! During that time I’ve received a thong from an auction on Ebay, and oh, you should see it! I wish I had a camera, but that’s another story. Well anyway, the thong is real silky feeling leopard material with medium/dark pink lacy stuff that makes up the wide waistband and string in the rear(literally, pun intended…lol), it has a lace-up V in the front with a cute bow-tie on top, and ooohhh I love it! I put it on yesterday evening to go out to the mall & book store. I also had some luck finding a pink leopard thong, both on Ebay. I tried on pink-leopard, and it is nice. 🙂 The seller on Ebay also has blue-, purple-, and orange- leopard…can’t wait to order them!

 I’ve gone by Victoria’s Secret lately, but haven’t went in to shop. I have two auctions on Ebay for free VS Cotton panty coupons, I guess I’ll wait. But I so much love shopping for panties!

I did laundry the other day, and now I have plenty of clean “boy underwear,” not that I’ll be wearing them much, not unless I have to see the Dr. or something 🙂 lol!

While I was at the bookstore, I went to the Psych section and got a copy of DSM-IV TR. It’s a real page turner, and eventually found the section on paraphilia/fetish. Appropo for me, isn’t it? Yeah well, that’s what I have. Well, I’m not hurting anyone…not like some of those sickos you here about on the six o’clock news, or involving anyone with the exception of those who are reading this blog. By the way, here’s a statement I think is fitting…Everyone is someone else’s weirdo.

f8bc_1.jpgHere is a pic of a girl wearing my new thong that I described earlier in this post. Isn’t it something? I took it the closed auction on Ebay, and with some toil I was able to post it on here. I’m wearing it now, but am preparing to hit the shower. After that I’ll put on my VS PINK sleepshorts. Bye!

The last of the free panties

August 23, 2007

I went to Victoria’s Secret again yesterday, to use my last panty coupon. I bought two pairs of panties this time since I have enough shorts. 🙂 I got a pair of halloween orange & medium blue wide-striped extreme low riders w/ PINK MAJORS UNIVERSITY in gold print on the back. Its a pretty nice pattern, and I’ll see how I like extreme low riders. The other pair is gray & medium blue not-so-wide-striped double-string bikini that has a contrasting thin pink waistband & leg holes, and POP PINK UNIVERSITY in pink print on the back. I love it already!

The free PINK panty promotion is over at the end of August. 😦 It was pretty good, I got a lot of panties thanks to people auctioning off the coupons on Ebay. I got a better idea of what I like & don’t like by buying and wearing different styles, lines, etc. I really like the Victoria’s Secret PINK line of panties. Bold colors, contrasting waistbands, and LOVEPINK written everywhere.(or so it seems) I’ll be getting the 5 for $25 deal since the promotion is over, but I just wish the stores had more of a selection in size L.

What I liked about the VS Cotton line was the classic bikini. Wow, do I wish I had more of those. I have a black classic bikini that fits me just perfect, and a pair of navy blue hi-leg cut panties. I loved the color navy blue, and the fabric, but can’t stand hi-leg cuts so I threw them out. I should have been more careful when shopping. Oh well, anyway I love shopping for panties!

What I’d really like next, is a pair of pink camoflage or pink leopard ;), and a navy blue thong with the US Navy emblem. I wonder if someone makes those?

Shopping at a new Victoria’s Secret

August 22, 2007

Hello, I went shopping at what turned out to be a much larger Victoria’s Secret store(the one close to my house) on Monday. Lots of room at the beauty section, I looked briefly, but was really interested in panties. I really liked how they had the panties organized. In the VS Cotton section most everything was easy to find, separated by size, color and style…instead of three small tables with hardly any L or XL. After looking, I picked out a pair of navy blue bikinis for the free pair I get with the coupon(Ebay’s the greatest), and then went to the PINK section. There, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Instead of big piles of panties looking like they were thrown together, they were separated by color & style etc. I think I like this store. After a little debating, I finally settled with a thong that was pink with the fleur-de-lis design on the fabric, and a wide pink lace waistband. Back at the check-outs they had three registers open, with a line going back a little bit. The line moved fast (I’m glad), and the girl that waited on me was friendly and tried to tell me the PINK panties I was buying were 5 for $25. A new experience, and a good one. I have one more free PINK panty coupon w/ PINK purchase. and I want to go back there to redeem my coupon. 🙂

 I’m wearing one of my cheap Fruit-of-the-loom thongs, bluish-turquiose in color. I say cheap because I paid 1¢ for three of them, and amazingly they feel good. Ebay is great, isn’t it? Ok, that’s enough for me…time to crash.

VS Cotton panties & beauty products

August 19, 2007

I went shopping at Victoria’s Secret yesterday to redeem a coupon for a free VS Cotton panty, and I had a coupon for a free body mist with any beauty purchase. I love Ebay for all the free panty coupons! I made my way into the store and looked for the VS Cotton selection. I found it all the way in the back of the store, I never knew the store went back this far. So I’m looking at the three tables that have the VS Cotton panties on them, and a salesgirl I recognize as the one who asked me “How old is she?” that I mentioned in a previous post asks me: “Are you shopping for a significant other?” I just responded “I’m shopping for someone who’s a large, and I have a coupon for a free VS Cotton,” and showed her the coupon. She says something like “Ok, let know if you need any help,” then walks away. Now back to the panties…I go through them, and the ones that I like, I can’t seem to find in a L. Then I remember that I also have a coupon for a free body mist, and take it out of my pocket. The panty shopping was getting frustrating anyway, so I make my way over to the beauty section and browse for a bit. I pick out the body mist I want, Pear Glacé, (which smells lovely) then I picked out some apple shampoo. Ok, back to the panties…I selected some black bikinis in a XL(hoping they’re not too big), and make my way to the check-out up front.

At the check-out, I notice another salesgirl that I mentioned in a previous post…the one that gave me the “What are you doing here?” look. But this time she greeted me, and was friendly. I put my items on the counter, and looking at the body mist she said “That stuff smells so good!” Then we started talking about the products, and I almost asked her if they’re looking for help in the beauty section, but I declined. She finished the transaction, and softly said “Have a nice day,” I responded with a soft “Thank you” then left. I couldn’t wait to get home to try out the shampoo & stuff.

Today I wore the black panties that I bought yesterday, and they were just great from the time i put them on up to the present. Gotta love ’em.

I didn’t make it to the mall today to redeem my other coupon for a free VS Cotton panty, so I have to go tomorrow or it expires. I also got another coupon in the mail for a free pair of panties from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line, so I got at least two panties to get tommorrow & Tuesday. I gotta look at the Vicky’s website for VS Cotton & Victoria’s Secret PINK panties before going shopping tomorrow. Talk to you later.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Shorts & VS Cotton panties

August 18, 2007

I think I’ve said this alot, but I’m jealous of girls. I just love wearing panties, and haven’t worn “boy underwear” in months. I wish I would have done this a long time ago, but there’s nothing like making up for what I missed out on. 🙂 I have three pairs of VS PINK shorts, and just wish I could wear them somewhere instead of just around the house. One is a pair of sport shorts (dark pink), and the other two are sleep shorts(green and bright pink). They feel real good to wear, a wide waistband that sits snug on the hips, and short leg length of only 1½ inches that barely touches the leg. It was really something putting on these shorts, guy’s shorts are restrictive at the waist by either a belt or a drawstring, and are usually longer leg length that rubs the leg.

I’ve gotten off topic by talking about shorts, this blog is supposed to be about wearing panties. I’ve got two coupons for a free pair of VS Cotton panties. After looking at the Victoria’s Secret website, I have a better idea of the VS Cotton line. Some of them look real good, and I can’t make up my mind, bikini, rio, thong…decisions, decisions. One thing that I know I want is the color magenta leopard (pink leopard). I tried ordering two different styles, but they were backordered until mid-September. Maybe I’ll have better luck in the store.

While writing this I’m wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK double-string bikini panties, medium to dark pink in color, with TRUEPINKLOVE on the waistband and legbands. Love these! They’re real comfy & way better looking than the Hanes panties I bought at Walgreens, but the Hanes are the most comfy. Tradeoffs, I guess. 🙂

I checked my panty coupons that I won on Ebay, and I only have until Monday to redeem my two free pairs of VS Cotton panties. So I’ll be shopping in the VS Cotton section of Victoria’s Secret today, after lunch. It’s pretty late, so I’m hitting the shower, then the sack. Bye.