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Working with panties

April 8, 2008

Hi everyone! I had quite an experience yesterday at work. They had me clock-in early to do panties! I was designated to work refilling all the panties in the PINK section. I soooo much loved it…working with all the PINK underwear, helping girls find their size, explaining the different styles, etc. Also, some of what I didn’t expect, that some women are quite the exhibitionist. They came in wearing these tops, showing nipples, and that hardly contained themselves(their breasts), bending over, etc. It was quite a dreamy day, but I digress…this blog is about panties and wearing panties. I had a girl that showed me the panties that she was wearing, said something about the elastic, so I pointed out some hipsters. Hopefully, I’ll get to do this more often. 😉 I love my job! Being around all that pretty underwear is one of the better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.(snicker, snicker)

I dropped in at American Eagle to look at their panties, since a girl named Shirl commented in a previous post about their hipsters & boyshorts. They looked pretty nice, but I was going to work. I’ll have to go there on my next day off. Hopefully, I can find the side-tie panty that I saw on their website.

I bought a pink baby-doll nightie w/ matching panties at Macy’s. My first nightie, and yes, it is very nice. Macy’s has had a sale in the Jenni collection, so I took advantage of it. I spent alot of time looking at all the things, and in addition to the above mentioned, I purchased a matching bralet & hipster(I love matching sets) two long-sleeved sleepwear tops: pink, and reddish pink, and a pink waffle knit pajama pant. They were great to wear at night when it was colder out. At another Macy’s puchased a pair of Vanity Fair hi-cut panties, (pink of course) and another waffle knit pant of a slightly different style to go with the prevously puchased sleepwear, guess what color? 🙂

On a different occasion, I puchased one of the chemises[spelling] that was on sale, in a Large. When I got home, and tried it on it was too small. I would have known that if I could have tried it on, but I felt a bit squeamish about asking to use the women’s chaging room.(The men’s dept. is in another part of the mall) So I took it back to be exchanged, the same woman who waited on me before, she did everything fast as if trying to get rid of me quickly. Not to worry, I took care of her in that survey I answered. HA! HA!

Any of you girls find that buying panties is addicting? Some are just so cute, I can’t help myself…LOL!

That’s all for now, I just had to put down what I was thinking/feeling.

Girls, I always like hearing from you, about anything, so please feel free to leave a comment.


Boyshorts, wearing bra in public.

December 20, 2007

Hi everyone! I’ve made some new purchases from work. Panties?–yes, of course! 🙂 I bought a new(for me) style, boyshorts. They are a spandex & nylon blend, with medium/wide white and color stripes with LOVE PINK on the front, they fit and feel great! I bought the red/white, black/white, orange/white, and blue/white boyshorts; and the pink/white, orange/white, and black/white thongs of the same design/material. I was looking for thongs when I came across these, they were quite an eye-catcher. Now I have to get every color. *smirk* I also bought a T-shirt pajama set. The shirt is baby blue with VICTORIA’S SECRET written in zebra-stripes to go with the zebra-striped pants. I’ve always loved zebra stripes, had a lot of the old ZUBAZ pants and it’s great to get these again.

Earlier, I was a little bold…I had to go to the supermarket, so I put on a pink thong, the zebra PJ pants, and an oversized black t-shirt. Then I thought about wearing my bra out for the first time, *naughty grin* so I put on my bra, then back on w/ my shirt, and then to check myself in the mirror to see how noticeable my bra looked.(I had never had a garment on over my bra before) I couldn’t see it at all, so off I was to wear my bra in public for the first time! I must have been some sight…bold print zebra pants, and the possibility of someone seeing a bra strap or band under my shirt! Then heading out, no one stared, gave a dirty look, or said anything. Good. Another new experience: wearing my bra in public.

When I am out shopping I find myself looking for the intimate apparrel section of stores, as well as what I’m there for in the first place, to see what they have in panties, i.e. if they have anything irresistable, too cute, etc. 🙂 I have enough panties to justify getting a second lingerie laundering bag(a mesh or net bag for the washer) so I pondered it for a bit, maybe after payday.

Last night at work, I saw a pair of panties being processed that I just wanted to take out of the gal’s hand that was folding them(you should’ve seen them!), but I had to maintain my composure…yada, yada, yada. They had the wide striping that I like, in the colors of rasberry/pink/white. Another pair I gotta have. he he 🙂

Well, I’m tired(worked all night) and I’m going to sign-off now. I’ll post more soon, bye.

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Ebay panty-shopping and my first bra!

December 11, 2007

Hello, it’s been quite a long time. It must’ve been well over a month. 😦 I’ve really missed writing in my blog, so much has happened. I’ve been working the swing shift at work…some afternoons, some evenings, some graveyard shifts, but I like working at Victoria’s Secret. No one knows there that I wear their products pretty much everyday.  I can’t wait to go on a shopping spree at work…lots of things I’ve had my eyes on. 🙂 For a short time we get 40% off, I just love shopping for panties. Especially the PINK line at Victoria’s Secret.

I bought some Hanes thongs on Ebay, last week. A package of two, one white w/ a small pink design on them, and the other a very light solid pink, and they are a great fit! And for 99¢, it’s a great bargain. You gotta love Ebay. I can spend a couple of hours just looking, at all the panties…which I have done before. 🙂

I’ve been thinking alot about going to a store, and not pretend that I’m shopping for someone else…like when one of the salesgirls asks me if I need help, saying something like “Do you have these in my size? I’m a size 7” or “I’ve found my size, thanks.” What would they think about a man wearing women’s underwear? It should be an equal opportunity world, …and I’d really like to be confident enough to go shopping for ‘me,’ instead of a ‘significant other.’

I’ve been looking at bras, especially at work (he he), trying to figure out my size. At work I tried to see if a 36 would go around me. It almost fit, so I was thinking that I must be a 38. So much for the entire PINK line, that’s the largest size they have. I went to Walgreens yesterday and looked at bras again. I was in luck, they had a good variety in size 38, sports bras in grey or white and regular bras in black or white.  I selected for  my first bra, a heather-grey sports bra. It was $5.99 or 2 for $10, and since I wasn’t that sure of my size I elected to only buy that one. So I put it in my shopping basket along with my sodas and went to the check-out. There was a guy at the check-out that gave me a  “look,” but didn’t say anything about my bra, so I didn’t let it bother me. That was a new experience that I totally loved…shopping for, and buying my first bra. I don’t know how girls felt about their first bra, but I couldn’t get home fast enough. So after a shower (I had been working), I gently took the bra off it’s hanger…eager anticipation, putting it on for the first time…I had some difficulty getting it on (hoping I got the right size), but once I got it on it felt just great! I wore it around the house, reveling in the new sensation. Wow, it felt different and so good. I even fell asleep with it on. After wearing the sports bra overnight, I noticed that when I took it off, my nipples were stimulated to excitation. I wonder if that’s normal. Do girls experience this?…I never thought of that happening, but certainly enjoyed it. 🙂 I got off-topic. I know this is a blog about my panty wearing thoughts and experiences, but since some girls like to have matching bras & panties…I thought this would fit into my blog.

I’m working the overnight shift tonight 10:00pm to 6:00am which always affords me a great look at all the underwear since I’m folding what seems like 1,001 pairs. It’s pretty good though, I probably know about every type of panty that we sell.

I’ll say this again, I am so jealous of girls. They have a lot more choices of underwear i.e. colors, styles, designs etc. I am just green with envy…yeah, I’ve got a major case of panty-envy…but I know how to cure it. he he 🙂 Since it’s close to Christmas, and people know that I have sisters, I can shop for and buy anything without arousing suspicion.[spelling]

Back when this blog was new, and I didn’t quite know how to shop, I bought some panties that were too big or too small since I didn’t know my size. Also some styles like extreme low rider thongs, and the wide side lace bikinis really aren’t for me. I almost always have to pull them up, or rearrange. My Frederick’s of Hollywood thong is pretty, but it doesn’t do the job of “holding me.” I’m going to through them out, and replace them with ones that are well-fitting. I’ve gotten used to and like the extreme low rider bikinis (string & regular, I have one pair of each) so I’ll try to get more of those when I shop at work. I love my job. 🙂

Well I’m going to go on Ebay and look at panties, so I’ll sign-off here. I’ll try to post more frequently now that things are stable. 🙂

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Panty deals

September 19, 2007

I bought some Free VS Cotton Panty coupons on Ebay, and was able to get some real good deals. $7.50 panties for a dollar or two, thanks Ebay sellers! I got the black bikini, whisper pink bikini, navy blue thong, and in white I got the thong & string bikini. It’s only one coupon a day there, so I made trips to different stores instead of going to the same store on consecutive days. Luckily, I live in an area that has many Victoria’s Secret stores. 🙂

Here’s a new experience, I took advantage of the 5 for $25 deal for Victoria’s Secret PINK panties, and got a variety of patterns & styles. I love the double-string bikini, so I got 3 of those, 1 classic bikini, and 1 extreme low-rider string bikini which I’m wearing right now as I write this. I love all the patterns and most of the styles on the PINK line, they’re just so nice! I want one of everything! But the V-string, and the extreme low-rider string bikini aren’t the best for a guy to wear. lol 🙂 So anyway, I came home with 6 pairs of panties…WOW, was that a rush! Wearing “girl underwear” has really changed me, I don’t believe that I’ve ever had this much underwear, all at one time. I guess you can tell that I love shopping for panties.

I bought my first department store panties, in the intimate apparrel dept., sheer pink nylon thong with roses detailed below the waistband. They were in the back, 75% off! How’s that for a sale?

By the way, I bought one of those lingerie wash bags at the store. Now that’s the way to go, I just put all my “girl underwear” in that, and throw it in the washer. Oh, you gotta love it!

Shopping, thongs & Psych

August 29, 2007

It’s been awhile since I’ve written…days! During that time I’ve received a thong from an auction on Ebay, and oh, you should see it! I wish I had a camera, but that’s another story. Well anyway, the thong is real silky feeling leopard material with medium/dark pink lacy stuff that makes up the wide waistband and string in the rear(literally, pun intended…lol), it has a lace-up V in the front with a cute bow-tie on top, and ooohhh I love it! I put it on yesterday evening to go out to the mall & book store. I also had some luck finding a pink leopard thong, both on Ebay. I tried on pink-leopard, and it is nice. 🙂 The seller on Ebay also has blue-, purple-, and orange- leopard…can’t wait to order them!

 I’ve gone by Victoria’s Secret lately, but haven’t went in to shop. I have two auctions on Ebay for free VS Cotton panty coupons, I guess I’ll wait. But I so much love shopping for panties!

I did laundry the other day, and now I have plenty of clean “boy underwear,” not that I’ll be wearing them much, not unless I have to see the Dr. or something 🙂 lol!

While I was at the bookstore, I went to the Psych section and got a copy of DSM-IV TR. It’s a real page turner, and eventually found the section on paraphilia/fetish. Appropo for me, isn’t it? Yeah well, that’s what I have. Well, I’m not hurting anyone…not like some of those sickos you here about on the six o’clock news, or involving anyone with the exception of those who are reading this blog. By the way, here’s a statement I think is fitting…Everyone is someone else’s weirdo.

f8bc_1.jpgHere is a pic of a girl wearing my new thong that I described earlier in this post. Isn’t it something? I took it the closed auction on Ebay, and with some toil I was able to post it on here. I’m wearing it now, but am preparing to hit the shower. After that I’ll put on my VS PINK sleepshorts. Bye!

Shopping at a new Victoria’s Secret

August 22, 2007

Hello, I went shopping at what turned out to be a much larger Victoria’s Secret store(the one close to my house) on Monday. Lots of room at the beauty section, I looked briefly, but was really interested in panties. I really liked how they had the panties organized. In the VS Cotton section most everything was easy to find, separated by size, color and style…instead of three small tables with hardly any L or XL. After looking, I picked out a pair of navy blue bikinis for the free pair I get with the coupon(Ebay’s the greatest), and then went to the PINK section. There, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Instead of big piles of panties looking like they were thrown together, they were separated by color & style etc. I think I like this store. After a little debating, I finally settled with a thong that was pink with the fleur-de-lis design on the fabric, and a wide pink lace waistband. Back at the check-outs they had three registers open, with a line going back a little bit. The line moved fast (I’m glad), and the girl that waited on me was friendly and tried to tell me the PINK panties I was buying were 5 for $25. A new experience, and a good one. I have one more free PINK panty coupon w/ PINK purchase. and I want to go back there to redeem my coupon. 🙂

 I’m wearing one of my cheap Fruit-of-the-loom thongs, bluish-turquiose in color. I say cheap because I paid 1¢ for three of them, and amazingly they feel good. Ebay is great, isn’t it? Ok, that’s enough for me…time to crash.

More shopping at Victoria’s Secret

August 13, 2007

Time has gotten away from me, I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile. That I really missed. Let’s see…I’ve been to Victoria’s Secret the last two days(Saturday & Sunday). Wow! Two days in a row. On Saturday, I went in and started looking at the beauty products. I looked at the PINK on a Rope(soap) that I had seen online, I didn’t care much for the SWEET & TART or the FRUITY & BRIGHT, but really liked the FRESH & CLEAN…it smelled real good. I wasn’t sure about PINK purchases, so I moved on.  Then I was surprised that one of the girls asked me “Are you finding everything OK?” The times I was there before, none of the employees ever offered to assist me and was treated like invisible until going to the register(that was a new experience). I asked her about hair care, and she led me to that section and started pointing out the different products…then started carrying on about how she didn’t know much about them or the bras that other women have asked her about. I really didn’t mind her carrying on, she was pleasant,  and treated me like a customer so I tried to make her feel better by saying “Oh, you can’t be expected to know everything about the products,” and then thanked her. I looked at hair products for a little bit, then went to the PINK section to look around. I saw these bright pink shorts that looked real nice, and hoped they had my size. I was in luck, they had them in a L :), lucky me! They are really bright pink, have a wide waistband, a faux button fly, a pink drawstring, and UNIVERSITY OF PINK on the left thigh. I just love ’em. Then on to pick out my free panties that I get with my PINK purchase.(another coupon from Ebay) I started looking, then another employee, ask me “Are you finding everything OK?” I was in shock! but glad they offered to help me. I said “I’m shopping for someone who wears a large.” Heh-heh, I didn’t lie…I just didn’t tell her the whole truth that they were for me. 🙂 She was very helpful, and showed me something that she said that she liked, white boyshorts with two blue ribbons going down each leg. It was nice, but not for me. While I was looking, she steered me away from the $9.50 panties, which was good, the coupon only covered the $7.50 panties. Then the salesgirl asked me”How old is she?” Thinking quickly, I responded with “Oh, my age”  and smiled, the salesgirl started to say “but that doesn’t…”(heh-heh) She changed the subject. I picked out a white double-string bikini with TRUEPINKLOVE written continuously on the waist band & leg bands with the PINK dog on the left side. I’m going to like wearing these. At the check-out, someone was training a new girl. She was real nice, sweet voice, etc. 🙂 When putting my shorts & panties into a shopping bag that was a little small, I didn’t complain ’cause she was real nice, and I’ve been ‘green'(an expression for being unseasoned in a job) before as well. All in all, it was great shopping there.

On Sunday, I didn’t make it there until just before closing with barely enough time to get the FRESH & CLEAN soap that I wanted. I asked myself, “$10.00 for soap?” I hope it’s going to be worth it. What the heck, I can afford it. And it’ll probably be better than the stuff I buy in the supermarket. The salesgirl at the register had her back turned, and didn’t notice that I was still in the store as I went to check-out. I guess I startled her a little, but I just smiled. 🙂 When putting my purchase in one of those Victoria’s Secret shopping bags, she really put a lot of that paper(crepe, I think) in, and gave me a larger bag. All that, just for a small box of soap? Not complaining, I guess she didn’t want to put the crepe paper away after close. I’m going to take a shower in a little bit, and see how I like the soap. Any girls reading this, if you have anything to say about the shampoos, lotions, etc. please feel free to leave a comment.

I think my next purchase at Victoria’s Secret, in addition to panties, will be either moisturizer or shampoo. I’m getting rid of the junk that I’ve been buying, and getting good stuff.

I did it!

August 7, 2007

Saturday I went into Victoria’s Secret! My how nice it was, blissful. I’ve been anticipating this since winning an auction on Ebay for a free panty w/ any PINK purchase. I walked in the entrance that had the PINK collection displayed, very tastefully done I might add. So I was looking at shorts, hoodies, etc. noticing very few would fit me *sigh* until I saw a pair of dark pink shorts on a hanger with the sides folded in so it would fit on the hanger *aha!* They were size L, so I grabbed them off the rack and decided to look around the store. Lots of pretty panties, pretty bras, nice background music, all around nice environment. Usually I get acosted with saleshelp, “Can I help you find something?” none of that happened here. I was careful with body language and actions, but still one girl gave me a “What are you doing here?” look. I wanted to say “I’m here to spend money,” but I just looked away. I guess she never saw a man shop there or shop there without a partner/”significant other.” I walked around the bras, then the made my way to the fragrances/cosmetics and browsed briefly before making my way back to the PINK section to pick out my free panties. Quite a large selection, but for my sake too many in XS, S, M as I am a L or XL. I didn’t notice anything in an XL, even in the storage bins below the browser, so I guess I’m getting a L. 🙂 All the panties were really nice, but I’m jealous of girls who wear a smaller size. There was alot more for the XS and S than for M or L. Finally I decided on a V-string that had pink tigers & the number 80 for my free panty. Up to that point, still no one had spoken to me. Usually at least one employee gives the standard line or another customer says “excuse me,” but nothing. When I got to the register, there were two ladies checking out and the aforementioned girl with “the look” talking to the cashier. As soon as she saw me, she left like she didn’t want to be around. I didn’t say or do anything inappropriate. After the people ahead of me checked out, I exchanged pleasantries with the cashier, did the transaction and left the store. I had thoroughly enjoyed my shopping, and can’t wait to go back.

Walking through the mall with a shopping bag from Victoria’s Secret, that must have looked weird, but so what, I thought. I went to the bar in the mall for a drink, then walked around awhile, then going next door to Border’s. At Border’s, I never had so many people stare…geeez! Get lives people! Well anyway no one said anything, so it was ok, I guess. I got a hot beveridge, went and got a book, then sat reading waiting for the bus pick-up time.

By the way, I’m wearing Hanes very dark pink (so dark it’s almost not pink) panties today, and the nylon/cotton sport shorts I bought a Victoria’s Secret today. Too bad I can’t wear them in public, I really like them. It’s liberal here where I live, but I don’t think that liberal. I need to get going if I’m going to do any shopping, I need to get to Sears and buy some pants, and of course go to VS again. 🙂 I have another coupon for a free panty(gotta love Ebay) and this time I think I’ll get a light pink pair of shorts and a thong with the wide side straps instead of a V-string. In case I haven’t said it before, I am so jealous of you girls/women.